Give it to me.
One day our paths will cross... We'll meet and I'll seduce you. We'll head to my hotel room where I'll pin you against the wall by your neck and kiss you. You'll undress as I watch and then bend over in front of the mirror so I can see your face as I slide my dick in your ass. When I'm ready you'll suck your filth off the end of my cock until you graciously wait for me to drown your face in hot cum. You won't take any pleasure from this, but you'll love it all the same.

One day perhaps. All this does sound pleasurable

Yesss yes yes

I fantasize about fucking you. I fantasize bout you sucking my dick then being a good girl and riding me until you or me either cum on each other. Then I fantasize bout another round this time you none stop sucking my dick until I drip all my cum down your throat and then you suck it up (No spitting) then after you sit on my dick and cuddle with me until I can't take it no more.

You actually made me want this. Definitely no spitting that cum

You seem so fuckin kinky! It's great

Oh, I am

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